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Last 2 weeks..

Kings beach

Hayyy there my dearests!

I knooooooow that it's been ages since I wrote a story on my blog, and there is so much I have to tell you guys! I won’t even be able to tell you’s everything, for reals.  
Since the last time I wrote a blog I've had holidays.  I have been doing heaps of activities and adventures so get excited to read! 

Roller skating
Because, unfortunately, I have little time left in Australia I planned a lot of things in holidays that I still wanted to do or see before I leave. Especially the first week of holidays was packed! On the first few days of the holidays some of my friends had a surprise planned for me, they took me disco roller skating at a roller-drome! Of course we’re all talented, haha, and we had a lot of fun!

It is getting colder and colder since we’re heading to winter here in Aussie but luckily the weather during holidays was great. 
Whenever the weather is good we usually go to a specific beach ;Mooloolaba beach. Although, these holidays we decided  to do other activities instead of going to that beach. 

With the girlies at Mooloolaba beach!

Rock pools
Point Cartwright
Okay, we still ended up at the beach a fair bit, but we also went to rock pools, point Cartwright, the Eumundi markets, Noosa, creeks, a quarry and other beaches like Kings beach and Noosa beach.
Point Cartwright is a lookout with a lighthouse near the main beach, Mooloolaba. One day we decided to drive up Point Cartwright and we enjoyed the fantastic views and scenery of the East Coast. Without doubt I took another 1000 photos!

          The Eumundi markets are the biggest markets in Queensland and yaaayyy they are only half an hour away. I am awful in making decisions so I had to come back several times this month for souvenirs and I still need to go back… The markets are not only nice for souvenirs but there is a touristy and dainty atmosphere as well! Surrounded with music, food, people and talented performers it's a treat to go there every time.

With Easter we hid eggs and presents for Gracie in the backyard, it was really entertaining to watch her looking for them as she got extremely excited. I was pretty spoiled as well and got some yummy chocolates. Later that weekend we went down to the beach with the host family and had a lovely time!  

Gracie and I

With Luke and Amy I went to Yabba Creek, which is a creek in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive ages to get there, ultimately because we took the pretty tourist route… The drive was full of stunning view points, it was nice to hang out as a tourist for a bit. There were no other people at the creek, probably because it is so far away from everything, which was super!



Uni night with tane
My weekends are still filled with parties. I've had a few dress-ups, gatherings and open house parties. Also I've been clubbing a few times with some good friends, mostly on a Thursday night (Uni night).  On the nights in the weekends where we didn't have a party we had girl nights full of catching up, watching movies and eating food, biggest treat! In one of the weekends we went down to the beach with all the girls and had a cute little barbie/sausage sizzle. Such an Ozzie thing to do! It’s quite common in Australia to have parties with a theme and most times a lot of people dress up. Last week I had a great Burlesque dress up party and the costumes were fabulous!

barbie brekkie with the girls

Girls night

 The day we went to the quarry was quite an adventurous day. A quarry is a large, deep pit, from which stone and other minerals have been extracted. People told us about it and we were pretty stoked to check it out. 

 Unfortunately none of us actually knew how to get there. We thought that there would be signs but nahhh not a single one. It was a mission to find it (few hours of cruising around) but we did find it eventually and it was absolutely worth it. There was two different parts, one was the actual quarry and the other one was like a little lake. 
The lake was full of mud up to about our waist. We had a nice day of being feral!

babes! Amy, Esther, Abbey, Simone

Simone, Esther, Francesca, Amy
I have been to Noosa National Park a fair bit now. Noosa National Park is basically a really big nature park with a boardwalk along the coast. There are amazing views and the beaches are really pretty. I had never been there with the girls so I convinced them to come with me. It was a long but amusing walk (fricking 2 hours). We survived it though while still looking like top models for the photos.
Noosa beach

Holidays ended 3 weeks ago and since then I am still enjoying school and my Tuesdays off are a good break for me from the hard study sessions at school. Lol jokes, there isn’t really any hard study sessions left because I leave before the term finishes at school. I am still doing things at school but I don’t get marked for them so it is more for experience. At school there’s a cool group of girls that I hang out with. Three of those girls had their birthdays in the last couple of weeks which meant that I had to survive two nights of extremely much eating.   

Dance class

Cross country, running through the mud at school

Noosa national park

Eden, Cherie, Ashleigh and not me

Coolum beach

The 25th of April it is Anzac Day. Anzac day is a day when Australians come together and spend time remembering the sacrifices of those who died in war protecting their Country, along side the Kiwi people who contributed to protecting their country.  Het is soort van hoe wij doden herdenking hebben alleen in Australie hebben ze OOK nog eens dodenherdenking. Op anzac day gaan de mensen (die het willen) sochtends heel vroeg naar een dawn service. Het is dan nog donker en mensen lezen gedichtjes en verhalen voor. Zodra de lezing over is loopt iedereen in een optocht door de stad en het licht worden staat voor het einde van de oorlog. Ik ben met een paar vrienden naar een dawn service geweest, het was niet heel erg spectaculair maar het was wel mooi om te zien.

Coolum beach with Abbey!

amy esther simone marissa freddy
Now, when I talk about ‘The girls’ I'm not just talking about some girls. Amy, Simone, Ebony, Marissa, Abbey and Francesca went to school with me last year and in time I’ve become really close with them. There is heaps of other great girlies where I spent enjoyable time with as well but it’ll be hard mentioning them all. They’re probably having a little teary now because I didn’t mention them, soz guys!

Abo art

From Simone I’ve already got my going away present, a self-made aboriginal art piece!
With Amy and Francesca I have been to Brisbane to hang out at Southbank (man-made beach in the middle of the city) and we went to the suitcase markets. At the suitcase markets people sell handmade stuff or second hand clothing out of their suitcases. We all bought a few good bargains and had heaps of fun. That weekend we also went to the Quarry and played in the mud again.

Suitcase markets! 

Last Friday night was possibly one of the greatest nights ever. I had my going away party themed bogan/stereotype Australian. Everyone was in the best mood and everyone really put effort in dressing up. There were people dressed up as aboriginals, koala’s, farmers, gangsters and what not. I’m pretty sure we all agreed that flanno’s are VERY Australian as almost everyone was wearing one.
Sad to leave


Bogans in our flanno's

Pre drinks with the girls

Only 2 weeks till I’ll be back home! I am not sure if I should be happy or sad at this point. I am really excited to see you all again, obviously, but I wished I could take my friends, the nature and the good weather with me… My host mum is very, very pregnant at the moment and I can’t wait to meet my new little host brother!

At the moment I am staying with my bestie; Amy, and her huge, awesome family.  In the weekends I usually stay at Simone’s so it will be weird to go home and not have them around.
Amy and I

fake sleeping with Riley (amy's little bro)

There is still a lot of people I have to say goodbye to and thank, so the next two weeks will be busy and full of laughs and tears. I am going to enjoy every minute of it so if you don't mind I'm going to leg it now.. I've got exciting things to do! 


<3 aussie!

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Looks really good Esther, but hope to see you soon!! Xx Mau

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You are going to hate the weather though when you come back.

Willeke van der Heijden zei

It's getting colder?? You keep showing us more and more pictures of the most beautiful swimming spots and beaches!?!
Beautiful blogpost sweety! Love you and can hardly wait for you coming home. xxx